Emergency Operations

Lockdown Procedures for Parents

Be reassured that all staff members at Stoney Run are prepared and have had frequent drills with students regarding lock-down procedures.

Parents must understand in advance that if their child’s school is in lockdown, then the best thing they can do is stay away and do not call the school or the Administration offices. The reasons for staying away are: responding parents could cause traffic to be blocked, preventing responders from getting to the school; parents could be in extreme danger from the cause of the lockdown; and parents could be in danger of arrest, detention or violence from responding police.

Parents will be unable to get in the building and no student will be released. They should not call the school because phones must be kept open to communicate if the situation escalates. When the administrators and the response deem it safe for students to leave the building, students will be dismissed from a specific location.

Student must understand that lockdowns are serious and they must immediately comply with orders from staff.

Surry Plant Information

As a part of Stoney Run's emergency operations plan,this is to notify you that our school is located within the ten (10) mile radius of the Surry Power Station. In accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Newport News Department of Emergency Management procedures, Stoney Run may be directed to either evacuate or shelter-in-place in the event of an incident at the Surry Power Station during the school day.

If we evacuate, our students and staff will be taken to a safe location where they will be sheltered until this area is deemed safe or other arrangements are made. We will implement our plan to reunite you and your child in an orderly and documented manner. Please wait to pick up your child until you are instructed to do so.

If we shelter-in-place, the students and staff will remain in their classrooms. All doors and windows will be shut and the heating, cooling and ventilation systems will be turned off. Students and staff will remain sheltered until directed otherwise by the city Emergency Operations Center. Please do not come to Stoney Run until directed to do so after the area is declared safe. Doing otherwise may put you and your child at risk.

For any emergency, information and updates will be released on local television and radio stations, the school divisions cable channel 47, on the web site www.nnschools.org, and through our family phone messaging system as information becomes available or changes. To keep our phones available for emergencies, please do not call the school. As mentioned previously, please do not come to the school and put you and your child at risk.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please feel free to contact me at 757 886-7755.